Security News

  • Homeland Security's tall order: A hacker-free election
    Jeanette Manfra, the top cybersecurity official at DHS, tells CNET about all the ways hackers can sow chaos in this year's primaries and midterm elections.... Read more »
  • Drupal Patches Critical Bug That Leaves Platform Open to XSS Attack
    Drupal has patched several vulnerabilities – both moderately critical and critical – in two versions of its content management system platform.... Read more »
  • FBI Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Campaigns
    A recent FBI public service advisory warned of an increase in reports of compromised or spoofed emails involving W-2 forms.... Read more »
  • Right Blasts Twitter's Bot Takedown
    Conservatives on Twitter have been fulminating over their losses of followers measured in the thousands, a consequence of the network's unannounced lockout earlier this week of suspected bot accounts. Among those objecting to the move are some high-profile figures known for expressing extreme right-wing views, including Michael Flynn Jr., son... Read more »
  • Supporters of Net Neutrality Vow to Fight Rule Changes
    The FCC’s rollback of network neutrality regulations is set to be complete in April, but it won't happen without a fight.... Read more »
  • SEC urges clearer disclosures about cybersecurity risks
    Updated guidance offers suggestions on how and when public companies should disclose breaches and risks.... Read more »
  • Endless OS Helps Tear Down Linux Wall
    The Endless OS is a distro with its own adapted desktop environment based on Gnome 3, and with an even simpler and more streamlined user experience. Although it looks and feels a lot like an Android shell running on a PC, Endless OS is a fully functional Linux distro designed... Read more »
  • Signal app for private chats gets $50M boost from WhatsApp VIP
    WhatsApp co-founder and former Facebooker Brian Acton is putting millions into the encrypted-chat app and will head up a new foundation devoted to furthering privacy.... Read more »
  • Cryptojacking Attack Found on Los Angeles Times Website
    A security researcher found Coinhive code hidden on a Los Angeles Times’ webpage that was secretly using visitors’ devices to mine cryptocurrency.... Read more »
  • Uber's New Express Pool: Walk and Wait
    Uber has launched a new service that lowers ride-sharing costs for customers willing to walk to and from designated locations. Express Pool became available this week in several participating cities. Passengers must walk a short distance to a pickup intersection. They are then dropped off at another designated spot, close... Read more »