Security News

  • Microsoft Gives Productivity Tools More AI Chops
    Microsoft has announced new AI features and functionality for several of its flagship products and services. Harry Shum, EVP of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research, demonstrated some of the new capabilities at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Building on the progress the company has made in integrating AI... Read more »
  • Triton Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems in Middle East
    Malware intended for a “high-impact” attack against safety systems likely would of caused physical damage to a targeted company located in the Middle East.... Read more »
  • Synaptics Says Claims of a Keylogger in HP Laptops are False
    Synaptics said reports that hundreds of HP laptops contained a secret keylogger that traced back to debugger software made by the company are inaccurate.... Read more »
  • Google Reveals What Searchers Wanted in 2017
    The iPhone 8 and iPhone X ranked No. 2 and No. 3 respectively in overall searches on Google this year, and No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the consumer tech search category on the Google Trends Year in Search 2017 list released Tuesday. Bitcoin ranked No. 2 in global... Read more »
  • You're probably putting your company's cybersecurity at risk
    Employees' bad habits could make their companies vulnerable to cyber threats.... Read more »
  • Permissions Flaw Found on Azure AD Connect
    A permissions flaw in Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect software could allow a rogue admin to escalate account privileges and gain unauthorized universal access within a company’s internal network. ... Read more »
  • Three plead guilty to creating Mirai botnet used to crash web
    The defendants used the botnet to attack servers running the popular online game Minecraft, the FBI told Wired.... Read more »
  • New Open Source Tools Test for VPN Leaks
    ExpressVPN on Tuesday launched a suite of open source tools that let users test for vulnerabilities that can compromise privacy and security in virtual private networks. Released under an open source MIT License, they are the first-ever public tools to allow automated testing for leaks on VPNs, the company said.... Read more »
  • Creatives Not Likely to Blanch at iMac Pro's $5K Price
    Apple will release a professional version of its all-in-one iMac desktop computer with a $5,000 price tag on Thursday. Up to now, all-in-one computers in general and iMacs in particular have been seen as stylish offerings for home and family, but Apple has changed that in a big way with... Read more »
  • 19-Year-Old TLS Vulnerability Weakens Modern Website Crypto
    New research shows how an old vulnerability called ROBOT can be exploited using an adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack to reveal the plaintext for a given TLS session.... Read more »