Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

Program Description

The Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (CAP) is a phased industry-focused education and training program tailored to the education and experience levels of the participants. CAP begins with an assessment of the participant competencies in order to provide a plan that fits employer needs, candidate educational and experience levels, candidate educational goals and school degree requirements. Phase one provides foundation certification and/or certifies the completion of cyber industry recognized Security + or CCNA Security certifications. Phase two provides a work-force based modeling and simulation course to prepare candidates to manage and defend a network from various security threats. Phase three revolves around an educational internship experience at a designated local company, in addition to scheduled course work. The third phase provides up to 24 months of apprentice experience along with individually tailored academic goals. Overall, the CAP program is an education and training program that identifies, educates, certifies and delivers a competent, confident information assurance professional able to deliver notable value to employers.

Frequently asked Questions

Can a participant receive a college degree while in CAP? Since each participant will be coming into the program with a different educational background, an attribute of the program is that we plan to leverage our relationship with the various educational institutions to recommend avenues that will allow the apprentice to pursue a degree.

Program Roles

ISG: Design, establish and manage the CAP program in providing participants with the education and training to successfully transition into a career in information assurance (cyber). Serve as program director in linking and managing military veteran, information assurance (cyber) industry and educational institution. In our role as industry experts, we have the ability to advise the apprentice on what degrees, experiences and certifications are valued by industry and how they can best help them to meet their personal and professional goals. Our relationships with various educational institutions can be beneficial in assisting the apprentice in directing their career. The CAP program is owned and operated by ISG. The educational institutions are subcontractors to ISG. In summary, ISG acts as trainer, supporter, advocate and employer to trainees of the program.

Industry: Partner with ISG and educational institutions in designing and sustaining an education and training program that meets ever changing requirements in managing and defending employer data and data systems. Provide compensated internship and apprentice positions to program participants. Preferable before an apprentice commits to the program and certainly some time during Phase 1 (Certification Process) or Phase 2 (Sim + Mod process), we will try to match the apprentice with the proper work experience. Our goal is to involve the potential employers as early as possible in the process.

Educational Institution: Partner with ISG in establishing a cyber assurance program based on existing academic credentials and individual program goals. Assess each participant and assist them in developing a program that provides the core cyber credentials as well as degree goals (certificate, diploma, associates, bachelors and master’s level) based on current academic accomplishments and program goals. Act as a training partner to ISG in both the Certification classes as well as simulation and modeling classes.

Candidate: A participant meeting program entrance requirements that agrees to enroll and participate in the CAP education and training program leading to a career in the information assurance (cyber) industry. CAP provides options to pursue and complete a degree commiserate with individual goals.