Founded in 1998, ISG is an IT company with strong roots in custom software development. We are based in Raleigh NC but we support customers across the continental US and Canada. We’ve expanded our service offerings to include cyber security. We have always believed that to be the best you must employ the best. Since there is a national shortage of trained personnel in cyber security and Information assurance we made the decision to train our own using a new state of the art methodology.

What We Do

ISG is in the business of holistically helping entities reduce their risk by integrating security into every aspect of their business. Our unique approach to security using virtual networks to simulate threats so that organizations can measure their ability to manage an attack before it happens. This approach shows security blind spots as well as measures preparedness. Network Virtualization service compliments our Vulnerability and Risk Assessment services.

Why ISG?

Our unique training model sets us apart. Cyber criminals are changing their approach constantly. What we’ve done is to create a modelling and simulation training facility that allows us to simulate threats in a virtual environment and we train our staff against potential threats in a lab before you see them in your business. This allows us to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

"The estimated annual cost of global cybercrime over $100 billion"