Cybersecurity: Are You Safe?

“Workers with cybersecurity skills are critical to protecting the digital infrastructures on which much of modern society is built. Industries as diverse as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy all depend on the security and reliability of cyberspace.” - National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Does your organization need cybersecurity talent?

Most organizations that have a need for information security professionals are looking for mid to senior level talent. While this is understandable, the problem is that since the profession is so new there are not enough workers that fit the requirement.

To solve this problem, ISG has developed an apprenticeship program that has a proven process of taking talented individuals with validated technical skills and immersing them into a training program that brings them up to speed in a fast and efficient manner. Utilizing access to subject matter experts, training in virtual environments and hands on experience, we have substantiated that we can develop the next generation of professionals that can meet your needs.

The Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program is an apprenticeship program (CAP) that is federally and state approved. It was designed to develop cyber professionals that have been vetted and have proven that they can defend your digital assets.

Cyber threats change fast. We stay abreast of those changes so you don't have to.

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